OMG, after smoking, I sat down to watch Supernatural with my young cousin. I accidentally let out a burp during a demonic possession scene and, to our surprise, smoke came out of my mouth. Now there's a crying 11-year-old hiding somewhere in the house with salt. Mom will be home in 5 minutes. LOL!
DemonicDummy laughing about kids on 2017-01-05 00:06:35
OMG, needing to study for exams, I submitted a complaint about the student next door blasting 24/7 rap music. Not only was he allowed to continue, but I was written up for "disrespecting his culture". LOL!
Anonymous laughing about random bullshit on 2017-01-04 13:49:56
OMG, I started my new job as a supervisor. I began by cleaning out my new office, including recycling large sheets of cardboard left over from the new calendars. When the 2nd shift came in, however, they got very upset and yelled at me. Apparently, I had thrown away my Muslim workers' prayer mats. LOL!
JustRidingMyBike laughing about work on 2017-01-04 12:11:35
OMG, I was supposed to start my first day of work at my dream job. However, my car had other plans and refused to start. When I called my boss to tell him I was going to be late, he told me not to come in at all and fired me on the spot. LOL!
piece of crap car laughing about work on 2017-01-04 01:27:37
OMG, I tried out the new VR headset I got for Christmas. I downloaded a 'Moon Walk' app and went for a walk around my basement. I felt adventurous and tried to climb my stairs, took a nice large step ready to ascend the lunar hill, and found myself standing in my cat's litter box. LOL!
Ouijake laughing about random bullshit on 2017-01-03 19:15:52
OMG, I was sent home from work early because they overstaffed my shift. I was really excited to spend some time with my fiancé. I got home and he was having a nap. No matter what I did, he stayed out like a light for 3 hours until my usual end time. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about love on 2017-01-03 18:44:46
OMG, I came into work early to clean equipment, with my headphones on, singing to myself. I lost track of time, and wound up with the entire office watching me belt it out. LOL!
inappropes laughing about work on 2017-01-03 18:40:57
OMG, I finally got the courage to ask my workmate about her tattoo. She's been in the office for 4 months and I'd always wondered why she had a red cheese grater tattooed on her arm. So I asked. Turns out it's a lady's shoe. She walked away from me and never talked to me again. LOL!
sinceresally laughing about work on 2017-01-03 17:26:45
OMG, my niece stole a bottle of whiskey from me to mix with Monster and get drunk with her boyfriend. It was a bottle of 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle's that cost over $2000. LOL!
Coaldust laughing about money on 2017-01-02 21:02:49
OMG, I'm trying to enjoy my first day of unemployment after quitting a high-stress/low-pay job. I just got a text from my ex-boss asking if I could come in for a few hours to show my successors how to do something. I worked 60 hours last week creating thorough how-to guides for everything. LOL!
unemployed not so fast laughing about work on 2017-01-02 12:55:13